Friday, January 18, 2013

A Surprising Revelation - Having All Teens Isn't, In Fact, Easier

13 months have passed since my last blog post. I can't say that anything's happened to cause me to not physically be able to write. I feel fine, my family is fine. Life is interesting as always, and busy.

I remember when my children were much younger and I thought, "I cannot wait for them to be older, because then things won't be so busy here." Ha ha ha ha! Granted, I did have five babies over the course of nine years, so yeah, that was busy. And exhausting. And fulfilling. But there has been a major change here. They all got older.

One surprising thing about having older children is that their aging comes as somewhat of a shock to us. We can know intellectually that children grow to become adults. But for some reason, this natural course of life seems to surprise many of us. My youngest son is now 13, and he is taller than I am. My other kids span in age between 23 and 16. What? How did that happen? *smile*

So now I am busy shuttling those who don't drive to their various activities. The ones who DO drive I worry about (we live in a blizzard-prone location). Fortunately my adult kids still live at home as of today, so I get to see their faces once in a while. Gone are the days of family dinners, movie nights, and day trips with all seven of us. In a way I mourn the loss of these activities, but in another way I am loving having a bit more independence and a bit more alone time with my sweet hubby.

Now, as I re-start my blogging, I'll be focusing on the blessings and struggles of having teen and adult children under our roof. I'll also be spouting off about online safety for kids and the bazillion gadgets which can now access the web all the time. I am always looking at ways to save money, so when I find great deals or money saving strategies I'll be tossing them on here. Naturally I won't stop talking about matters of faith, and you'll see my quirky sense of humor on display as well.

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  1. I was so excited to see a blog post from Mx5 show up in my reader today! I look forward to gleaning more wisdom from your thought-provoking, wisdom laced, geek-inspired, humorous view of life. Glad you're back.