Friday, November 07, 2008

Ponderings From Team Pyro & Patriarchal Movement Concerns

Some of you might be familiar with the Pyromaniacs blog. It's one of my favorite "reads" when sifting through my Google Reader. Today Dan Philips posted "Why You Need To Be In a Church This Sunday". I can't add to his words - he is masterful in attacking the whole "I am the church" or "My family is the church" ideals. Below is a small snippet of his blog article. Head on over there to read the rest.

It all really comes back to Jesus, the Lord. You may not like the idea of being accountable to a man, or a group of men. You'd rather sit home, watching TV or listening to tapes. Whenever you want, wherever you want. No yucky people to be patient with; don't have to listen to all their whiny problems and needs. No need to adjust to different accents, different ways of thinking, different cultures. Just you, you, you.

As someone who is part of the homeschooling subculture, I do hear a lot of folks talk about the patriarchal movement, which often goes hand in hand with the idea of the family itself being "the church". Recently Michael & Debi Pearl took a swing at this movement, to my surprise. Honestly, I really thought they would be pro-patriarch folks, but they are quite the opposite. While I disagree with the Pearls with how they recommend "To Train Up A Child", I have to say that the Pearls have fantastic points when they warn about the patriarchal movement. These points are things my husband and I have pondered over the past thirteen years of being home educators. Now that we're fairly seasoned in it, we do see families falling into the cloistered homeschool syndrome, as the Pearls put it. To see what they are talking about, go here to Cloistered Homeschool Syndrome. Part 2 is here, where many letters received by the Pearls have been put into the article entitled Patriarchal Dysfunctional Families.

As our own children are getting older (our oldest is eighteen), we, too, are struggling with knowing what to do... how much to continue to teach life skills, and when to just let the grown children learn things via life. Easier said than done, and different for each child. I am hoping it gets easier with the subsequent kids, but in all likelihood it won't. All part of the adventure of parenting, I guess.

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